SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ is a viable option for load securement as well as interior and exterior packaging.  Lightweight, economical, recyclable, dense, and durable replacement for unitizing and dividing loads, in addition to a great replacement for foam and other corrugate options.  Some key applications for SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb include (but not limited to):  honeycomb bulkhead void filler panels for load securement, pallet underhang (plugs), runners or feet to replace wood pallets, buffer and tier sheets, filling head space in tomato bins, furniture protection, window and door protection, spool separation tiers, food and beverage protection, interior packaging, and much more!

SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb packs a punch with compression strengths from 5-63 PSI (0 to 10,000 lbs.) and allows us an alternative to some of our DIAMOND-PAK® large cell honeycomb panels.  This also allows us to manufacture thinner panels (down to 3/8"), much thinner than we once manufactured with DIAMOND-PAK®.   

Die-Cut honeycomb products can be used in a wide variety of interior packaging and exterior bulk shipment applications.  These products can be used for protective padding, corner protectors, die-cut supports, and void filler inserts for custom product packaging.  We can design and fabricate any structural component your business requires.

As we continue to evolve with our die-cutting and SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ capabilities, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly work with our New Product Development Team and Packaging Engineers in providing you the best-fit solution!!  We look forward to assisting you -

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