Sunrise Manufacturing Services & Capabilities

On-site training of loading dock personnel

  • Evaluation and discussion of pertinent Association of American Railroads loading requirements for safety and performance.
  • Presentation of product application techniques to maximize safety and efficiency.
  • Handouts and drawings to reinforce hands on training experience.

Product specific - custom damage prevention systems

  • Assessment of key load characteristics
  • Nature of product (liquid/powder/solid)
  • Nature of product packaging (carton/bag/drum/pail/etc.)
  • How is the load organized on the pallet

Evaluation of load unitizing materials

  • Pallet under or over-hang
  • Stacking strength requirements
  • Necessity of tier sheets, uncoated or coated
  • Weight and cube dimensions of load

Evaluation of blocking and bracing materials

  • Balance securing force/restraint to resiliency of packaging.
  • Balance cost vs. material, e.g. do reuse opportunities exist?
  • Synthesis of items 1-3 into a customized application of materials to provide best value system to protect shipment.

Origin and Destination Inspections and Audits

  • Detailed field documentation, drawings, photos, etc. for collaborative problem solving and continuous improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate compliance with AAR standards (point of origin)
  • Forensic investigation of damage issues (destination)

CAD Drawings / Load Diagrams

  • CAD drawings are used to provide visual overview for load planning
  • Drawings provide assessment of all critical dimensions
  • Drawings are a key reference point for collaborative problem solving and evaluation of shipment

Training Material

  • Photos of correct/incorrect product application
  • Drawings to provide guidance on where materials are placed and how they form the restraint system
  • Narratives on correct product application, safety precautions, and product performance expectations

Product Application Bulletins

  • Updates on product enhancements and upgrade features
  • Alerts on new solutions

Railroad Liaison

  • We have an excellent reputation with the damage prevention staffs of the Class I railroads
  • We know who to call and have established the relationships that get timely answers
  • We frequently collaborate with the railroads on testing and providing sample materials. Our lab has also been used for materials testing.