Collapsible Void Fillers

Beyond air bags for void filling and load securement capabilities, Sunrise offers a vast array of collapsible void fillers.  DIAMOND-CORR®, DIAMOND-CORR II®, and DIAMOND-FLOW® come in a wide variety of sizes, widths and drops to prevent lateral load shift. Our load securement experts will help you determine the best configuration for your shipment.

  • Drop lengths specific to each loading pattern and range from: 24” to 108”
  • Common widths: 3” to 24”


 DIAMOND-CORR®, the original void filler, expands to fill spaces between loads to prevent load shift during transit.  Stores flat, accordion style.

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DIAMOND-CORR II® is a larger cell, lighter duty, economical lateral void filler.

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DIAMOND-FLOW® offers the same void-filling capability as above while providing superior circulation in reefers. Perfect for shipping fresh produce.

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MATCH BOOK® corrugated void fillers are corrugated backed, foldable self-supporting honeycomb bulkhead fillers. Free-standing load spacer (no hangers involved) Serve as excellent shims for airbags to prevent crosswise load shifting. Inexpensive, lightweight, reusable, recyclable. Foldable design saves shippers warehousing space and inbound freight costs.


SADDLE-PAK® corrugated void fillers are designed for singled out units providing maximum protection against load shift.  SADDLE-PAK® helps maintain proper axle weight distribution by distributing more weight to the rear and away from the nose.  Convenient, strong, lightweight and easy to use, SADDLE-PAK® stores flat and expands to fill the void on each side of the unit.  Used in containers and truck shipments, SADDLE-PAK® void fillers are reusable and recyclable, and custom built for your load specifications.  Our load securement experts will help you determine the best configuration for your shipment.  

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LEDGE-PAK® is a corrugated bulkhead system used for preventing length-wise load shift due to pallet underhang (US. Patent No. 8,308,411).