Let our Freight Protection Specialists assist you with the following products and securing your boxcar shipments. 

  • Air Bags - Economical and dependable cargo protection offering void filling capabilities
  • DIAMOND-PAK® - Customized bulkhead protection for lateral and end-to-end securement
  • DIAMOND-PAK® with Blocks - Customized bulkhead block protection generally used for bins
  • DIAMOND-PAK® with Contoured Edges - Customized bulkhead offering contoured protection generally used with forestry/paper roll products
  • DIAMOND-CORR® - Customized void filler prevents lateral load shift
  • LEDGE-PAK® - Honeycomb plugs eliminate under-hang for greater stability
  • WOOD-PAK® - Strong, lightweight load divider used to prevent end-to-end toppling 
  • DRUM-PAK® - Customized dunnage product made primarily from Sunrise Small Cell honeycomb to secure and brace fiber drum shipments (GIS791)
  • BIN-PAK® - Customized dunnage product made from Sunrise Small Cell honeycomb for bin shipments (GIS781)
  • M-PAK® - Reusable, shrink-wrapped dunnage product made from Sunrise Small Cell honeycomb (GIS781)
  • AAR Woven Strapping - AAR-approved, grade 4, non-metallic 1 1/4" strapping
  • Corrugated Sheet - Versatile protection from buffering air bags to providing additional product layer protection.   
  • Seals - High-strength seals defend against cargo loss and tampering
  • Slipsheets - Cost-saving alternative to pallets
  • V-Board Corner Board - Providing corner and edge protection, while adding column strength and protecting product integrity
  • ZRO-SHIFT™ - Simple-to-use rubber friction matting