AIR BAGS are inexpensive, easy-to install bracing products, which fill voids to provide load securement. Available in a full spectrum of sizes, using kraft paper and/or polywoven material, these air bags adhere to AAR performance levels and require minimal labor and warehouse storage space. 

Paper & Polywoven

Sunrise distributes air bags in an array of AAR approved performance levels and a wide variety of sizes in both kraft paper and polywoven material.  Common widths include, but not limited to, 36-60” and lengths of 36-120”.  As our customers continue to grow and have different requests, we offer both Stopak and ITW air bags.

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STOPAK SQUARE BAG® fills extra-large voids and covers more surface area, eliminating the need for additional dunnage material; therefore, being more cost effective while saving warehouse space. The gusseted, durable polypropylene outer shell provides superior tear and puncture resistance. They are appropriate for use in wet or dry conditions and are simple to position, inflate, and deflate.  Designed by STOPAK, the SQUARE BAG was created to fill larger voids of 16” to 30” wide.  Lightweight and AAR approved, these bags provide a great amount of impact in a punch.  

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BUF-BAG® was designed as a user-friendly, one piece application, providing additional strength and support for load stability and securement of larger voids. Each BUF-BAG® is custom for your shipment and comprised of a durable air bag sandwiched between two pieces of dunnage, which can include a variety of buffer sheets to DIAMOND-PAK® bulkheads.  

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