Additional Freight Protection Products

Sunrise understands your need for a sole supplier focused on freight protection. We provide a complementary line of products to work hand in hand with our manufactured dunnage and air bags. Our wide array of products can be shipped in mixed loads for one-stop shopping and freight savings. Let us help you save costs, be most effective in your load securement and freight protection needs. We are happy to help and promise to deliver the best value added service and freight protection products.

Slip Sheets

Plastic and Solid Fiber Slip Sheets provide a smart alternative to traditional pallets. They improve product stabilization, save valuable warehouse spaces, reduce transportation weight and cost, and comply with import/export regulations.

Our durable plastic and solid fiber slip sheets come in a wide array of sizes and thicknesses, so you only pay for what you need.


Common Sizes:

Plastic – 43x51x.020, 43x51x.025

Fiber – 43x51x.040, 43x51x.046, 44x52x.033 and 44x52x.058

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AAR Woven Strapping

AAR-approved, Grade 4, non-metallic 1 ¼” strapping


Economical support and protection in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes. From utility chipboard to embossed linerboard, let us assist you with your chipboard requirements.

Corner and Edge Protection

Providing column strength and protection of product integrity, cornerboard is available in a broad range of sizes, configurations and options that meet a wide spectrum of needs.  Options including wrapped or non-wrapped (standard) and in white or kraft paper. 

Most commonly ran cornerboards include 2x2 and 2.5x2.5 with caliper from .120 to .160.

Usages include general edge protection for shipping and handling, product unitization, strapping and banding protection. Specific industry applications include electronics, furniture, windows and doors, food and beverage, consumer products, and much more!

Corrugated Sheets

With various dimensions and thicknesses, Sunrise offers corrugated sheets to fill all of your protection needs. From 32ECT and 125# to 900# sheets, we can buffer, assist layering, and protect your goods, while keeping your freight protection needs in mind.

Corrugated Pallets

Corrugated pallets offer reliability and strength in one simple, easy-to-use unit. Lightweight, less than 8 lbs. with 4-way entry and immense crush strength properties, our corrugated pallets are 100% recyclable and cuts disposal costs.


As a Stopak distributor, we are pleased to share STOPAK Desiccants, which eliminate airborne humidity before it can damage your product.

Typical usage includes but not limited to: coffee and cocoa beans, spices, nuts, bulk packaged grains, tobacco, leather goods, electronic equipment, machine parts, precision and optical instruments, explosives, and more.


Foam is one of the most versatile packing materials and void fillers. Light weight and resistant to mildew, foam can be cut or molded to almost any shape. Used to protect delicate and odd shaped products and produce.

Safeguards delicate items and odd-shaped products. Fills head space in drums and commonly used with our local tomato processors.


High-strength seals defined against cargo loss and product tampering. Sunrise offers a variety of bolt and cable seals.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a cost effective load containment alternative to strapping, banding or shrink wrapping. Used to secure loads for storage and transportation. We offer a wide variety of stretch film securement solutions in various widths, lengths, and gauges. We offer the ability to down-gauge with high performance film to provide greater cost efficiency.

Ty-Gard® & Ty-Patch®

AAR tested and approved to secure dangerous goods. TY-GARD 2000® is a damage prevention system for intermodal shipments, approved for hazardous materials and chemicals. A 16-inch wide flexible band reinforced with industrial strength fibers PRE-BONDED® with a patented adhesive, this system delivers high strength, low peel, excellent cold weather resistance lashing. This system attaches to the walls of the container and is tightened by hand, which can be easily removed at destination and is cost effective.


ZRO-SHIFT® is a key part of any load securement device for many types of shipments; railroad, over the road, truck and container. Simple-to- rubber friction matting replaces wood blocking and bracing. ZRO-SHIFT® anti-skid mats are manufactured by reclaiming crumb rubber from discarded automobile tires and a variety of die trimmings from rubber products. The superior quality of ZRO-SHIFT® matting is maintained by rigorous monitoring of sheet consistency, gauge, and tensile. ZRO-SHIFT® anti-skid mats fulfill a wide variety of requirements for load securement patterns set forth by AAR (Association of American Railroads); a recognized means of load securement by the Department of Transportation (FMCSA); rated in accordance with and recognized as an approved load securement device with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), CCMTA (Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators), CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance), DOT Regulations, “North American Cargo Securement Standard” (FMCSA). ZRO-SHIFT® is a simple-to-use method that effectively and efficiently replaces wood blocking and bracing securement systems.

Key items to remember: Eliminates nail holes in trailer floors and nail damage to your product, which in turn reduces claim costs; significantly reduces loading and unloading time; increased safety for employees, as there is no potential injury risk from nailing or extracting wood blocking; reduces the cost and damage to cargo from wood blocking and bracing; supplied in palletized sheet form or large roll form and perforated to desired length for easy dispensing; reduces loading and unloading time by up to 50%.

Common load securement applications for ZRO-SHIFT® friction matting are: palletized case goods, roll paper, metal materials, concrete material, tile products, roofing materials, bulk bags, and finished lumber.

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